An International Professional Exercise and Competition for Emergency Medical Services
02-04 OCTOBER 2025.
In Memory
The rally is dedicated to the memory of Dr Andreas Menelaou, Dr Dimitris Vourvachakis and Vangelis Kellarakis. In memory of the people who have changed a lot in pre-hospital management in Cyprus and Greece and they supported the development of trauma education. Special prizes will be awarded to the following categories in memory of these people.

Trauma Scenario

In memory: Dr Andrea Menelaou

Disaster Management

In memory: Dr Dimitris Vourvachakis

CPR Management

In memory: Vangelis Kelarakis

Country participations
through the years

Grand Sponsor:

It is with great pleasure that we announce that  with the support of Cyprus Emergency Service we organize the Cyprus EMS Aphrodite Rally 2025

Cyprus EMS Aphrodite Rally will be held on 02-4/10/2025  in Ammochostos-Agia Napa and will last 3 days since overnight scenarios will be taking place.

In the EMS rally can participate: Medical teams, paramedics teams rescuers, nurses medical students.

The tasks involve the treatment of traumatic, cardiac arrest, electronic simulation pathological emergency incident and the management of mass casualties.

Each team should have 4 members and must compete 10 different tasks. Each group will be given an ambulance and all necessary equipment.

This competition is actually a game which will help us to acquire knowledge, experience, techniques and lastly enjoyment.

Besides the gaining of knowledge, the rally aim is to help the participants to have a great experience aiming at the achievement of great results.


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Good Luck

Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further

but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where

competition leaves off.  Franklin Roosevelt


The registration fee is 170.00 euro per person and is inclusive of :

  • Registration-Participation in the Cyprus EMS Rally
  • three nights-accommodation ( 4 person/team in a room) 02-04/10/2025 (3 nights)
  • dinner for the first day 02/10/2025
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner 03/10/2025
  • Winners ceremony on 04/10/2025
  • Ambulance for the Competition
  • Equipment for the Competition
  • Fleece-Hat-Bag


NO drinks or anything additional is included.


 In case of arrival before 2nd of October is to be expected with an additional charge ( 50 euro per night per room )

Registration closes 1st of September
For more Information you can Contact the Organization Committee:
Dr. Menealou Training Center
Panayioti Toumazou, N.65 Episkopi, Limassol
Tel. 0035725108408
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Registration Contact Persons:
Efrosyni Mattheaki  
Tel: 00357725108408
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Elena Christodoulou
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Competiting teams - Categories

Category is chosen by participants during the application


The teams can participate with one of the follow category:


Category A - This Category can include doctors and Nurses or doctor and

                      Paramedics or only Nurses


Category B - This Category can include only Paramedics-EMT


Category C - This Category can include Firefighters, rescuers or Paramedics-

                      EMT Students


Prizes will be given for each different Category (1st -2nd-3rd Prize)


Prizes will be given also to the teams with the highest scores for :

  • Trauma Scenario - In Memory of Dr. Andrea Menelaou
  • Disaster Management - In Memory of Dr. Dimitrios Vourvachakis
  • Cardio Scenario- In Memory of Vangelis Kelaraki
Instructions for participants

Registration procedures

On your arrival at the rally facilities you will need to proceed for registration to the registration desk that is above the restaurant.

Registration desk will be open on 1st day (10:00-19:00) and 2nd day (08:00-15:00)

In order to be registered you will need:

The proof of the registration fee payment.

Names and passport numbers of members of your crew.

At the registration you need to sign the attendance list and the risk form. According to this signature, the certificates will be given to you during the Winners Ceremony.

At the registration office you obtain your personal identifier tag. You must wear it all the time on a visible place on your clothes, as well as a bracelet.

Also you will receive your starting number-stickers and the schedule for starting times into particular tasks.

Please inform registration office for any problem that may occurred or if there is any changes on team.

Facilities Accommodation and Meals

Room Keys will be given during the Registration.

No towels will be provided, so each participants must consider to bring its own towel.

  • three nights-accommodation ( 4 person/team in a room) 02-04/10/2025 (3 nights)
  • Meals will be offered on the Restaurant:

  • dinner for the first day 02/10/2025
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner 03/10/2025
  • Winners ceremony on 04/10/2025
  • NO alcohol or soft drinks are included.


    Because this is a high-profile event, all team members are required to wear department or EMS competition uniforms during the Competition and at the Winners awards ceremony.

    Awards Ceremony

    All teams accepted to participate in the Winners Ceremony on 28th of September at 18:00 at Ayia Napa Municipality, all team members are required to wear department or EMS competition uniforms.


    All the participants must have in knowledge that may be recorded (video, audio, photos), and that the organizing committee may use in any form the recorded materials (including, print, websites, blogs, internet, Facebook, television).

    In order to record audiovisual material or photographic documentation during and in area of tasks person has to be accredited according to "EMS Aphrodite Rally"

    Commercial using any audio and video recordings or photographic documentation where the brand "EMS Aphrodite Rally" is visible, during and in area of tasks is forbidden, and the owner of trademark takes legal action to prevent any further sharing of mentioned documentation.

    Procedural Guidelines

    To keep the competition standardized and equal for all teams guidelines according the following courses will be accepted:

    • Prehospital Trauma Life Support - NAEMT
    • Advanced Medical Life Support - NAEM
    • Advanced Life Support - ERC
    • Pediatric Life Support- ERC
    • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course- NAEMT
    • Tactical Casualty Care Course-NAEMT


    There will be a minimum of two judges (international) assigned to any scenario. Judges are qualified instructors to international courses such as PHTLS, ALS, TCC, AMLS.

    There will also be a head judge to address any scenario specific or continuity issues.


    Evaluations for scenarios follow a very specific template and are based on a check sheet. Judges are instructed to evaluate teams on what they hear and what they see.


    Rules and Regulations
    • Every team of each category (paramedics, medical-nurse,students) will consist of 4 persons. An additional member will be the observer and that member will not participate in any way. Team-ambulance crew must announce this to an organizer at start of task and before arrival on the task site these persons will leave the Ambulance and move according to instructions of organizers.
    • The organizing committee will provide you with all the necessary equipment, an ambulance with a driver.
    • The Ambulances will be parked next to the E MS Facilities. Inside the car you will find all the necessary equipment.
    • In every task there will be 2 judges and a coordinator.
    • The contest will involve 10 different tasks-scenarios. The evaluation time for every task-scenario will be 10 minutes. It begins by the first member of the team getting off the vehicle. When your time is up, you must stop, get into your vehicle and leave the scene.
    • It’s very team’s responsibility to be present at the proper time (time-schedule). You must strictly follow the time-limit that has been given to you. You should be present at the scenario scene at least 5 minutes prior to the set start time.
    • In the case were you are not present in any of the scenarios of the contest you will not be excluded by the contest. If you are not present you will be evaluated with zero points at that particular  task you missed, but you will be able to attend the following tasks.
    • The “patient” may consist of, but may not be limited to:
    • An actual person.
    • Mannequin (infant, pediatric and/or adult).
    • Intubation trainer or comparable trainer (infant, pediatric and/or adult).
    • Other specific procedure training devices.
    • You should be careful with your techniques. Respect is required both in relation to the models and the mannequins.
    • Each team should carry their own flash light and protection glasses.
    • You must were your professional equipment at all times.
    • Procedures will be carried out in as realistic manner as possible .Treat the scenario patient as a real life!!
    • Procedures and medication administration will take place in real time
    • Most procedures, including spinal immobilization/patient packaging, will actually be carried out however some procedures will require only explanations of such components as equipment required, indications, contradictions, complications, and the actual procedure technique. Which procedures will require performance and which will require explanation only will be defined as part of the scenario.
    • Teams will be judged on their successful recognition of scene hazards, ability to perform high-quality chest compressions, proper airway management, performance of critical prehospital assessment, proper medication knowledge and calculation, treatment of simulated patients, and the safe packaging and movement of manikins.
    • During patient assessment, examination elements will only be scored when verbalized to the judges (e.g. “What do I feel when I palpate the chest?”) and simultaneously performed.
    • If the pacient’s vital functions parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) are not a part of task explanatory note, you will get them from the judge after examination of the patient. Vital signs should be consciously obtained by measurement on the patient.
    • The value of heart rate is necessary to be measured at least 5 seconds by holding the finger at a. radialis or a. carotis externa.
    • Blood pressure – it is not necessary to perform measurement of real BP, but you have to set the tonometer cuff on the arm and to have stethoscope prepared.
    • Pulse oxymetry – it is allowed to use your own pulse oxymeter, the simulated value will be announced by judge.
    • It is prohibited to ask about vital functions of the patient without examining him first!
    • In every scene there will be a coordinator/judge who will provide you, with all the additional information in relation to the task patient.
    • Teams are encouraged to request appropriate back-up response (such as helicopter evacuation, law enforcement, or special rescue teams). You will be informed at the time of request of the availability of such resources.
    • When administering medication, you must: report to the judge the name of the drug, dose and the way of application.
    • Teams should carry and be prepared to use ALL of the following medications. All drugs on this list must be carried by a competing team regardless of whether their EMS system carries and uses the medication.
    1. Adenosine
    2. Amiodarone
    3. Aspirin
    4. Atropine 
    5. Calcium Chloride 
    6. Dextrose 50% (D50)
    7. Diazepam or other benzodiazepine
    8. Dopamine
    9. Adrenaline 1:1,000 and 1:10,000
    10. Furosemide
    11. Glucagon
    12. Inhaled beta agonist (i.e. Albuterol)
    13. Ipratropium Bromide
    14. Isoproterenol
    15. Lidocaine
    16. Magnesium Sulfate
    17. Naloxone
    18. Flumazenil
    19. Nitroglycerin
    20. Paralytic (to reduce shivering after TH cooling. Etomidate, ketamine or benzodiazepine are acceptable)
    21. Morphia
    22. Entonox (nitrous oxide & oxygen)
    23. Sodium bicarbonate
    24. Vasopressin
    25. Metoclopramide

    If your country/ /EMS system uses a drug considered to be equivalent/comparable to any of these medications, and you have concerns that no drug(s) on this list are equal in action to your specific medication(s) in question, you must notify Riana Constantinou at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  no later than September 20, 2019, of the drug(s) in question, the drug(s) on the above list that it will be used in place of, the indications for their use, the contraindications of their use, and how the drug(s) are carried (precharged syringe, tubex, vial or ampule).

    Body Substance Isolation/Personal Protective Equipment .Competitors must don all necessary BSI/PPE equipment just prior to the start of the scenario. All sharps used during the scenario must be disposed of in a puncture-resistant container comparable to those available in the healthcare setting. Failure to safely discard a needle or catheter will result in team disqualification

    • The usage of mobile phones or any other electrical devices during the task is forbidden.
    • The usage of any written protocols during the task is forbidden.
    • The consumption of alcohol or any illegal substances during the tasks is forbidden.
    • Appeals against decisions of the judges can only be submitted in writing to the results committee within an hour of the announcement of the results and after the payment of 100 Euros has been made.
    • If a team member is feeling unwell, he must report this directly to the organizing committee and he will be entitled to leave without be excluded from his team. The team will not be entitled to replace a member who resigned.
    • In the case of bad behavior or misconduct by a member or by the entire team, the judge will be entitled to immediately terminate the task, to evaluate the team with zero points at that particular task and the organizing committee will decide whether to exclude, without refund, the team from this and / or future competitions.
    • Because this is a high-profile event, all team members are required to wear their uniforms during the Competition and at the awards ceremony to be held on 03/10/2025



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